Nimbed with a Mystic Aura

Devoción was born in the heart of the fiery valleys of Oaxaca, cradle of mezcal and heart of Mexico.

There, between ancient volcanoes and dazzling canyons, the agaves take their time to enjoy the richness of nature, the abundant sunshine and the rare rains that bring life.

The local belief of a Mezcal fruit of a sacred expression has allowed to preserve its culture through centuries of oblivion and repression. It is this unique heritage and the people who carry it that we wish to honor.

Entirely Handcrafted

Devoción rigorously follows an ancestral method of production dating back more than 400 years.

Entirely artisanal and natural, this process makes it possible to draw the quintessence of the flavours of the agave.

Reaching maturity after 8 years of growth, our agaves are carefully harvested by hand, then the maestro mezcalero, like an artist, gives birth to his work.

Smoked, crushed and fermented, the agave hearts are then double distilled to give Devoción its unique character.

The result is a rare and exclusive product, a showcase of exceptional know-how.

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Tasting Notes

The delicate smoky notes that exhale from Devoción come to sublimate beautiful citrus, floral and vegetable flavors.

A subtle hint of pepper balances the whole, while the hints of honey at the end of the mouth give Devoción its suppleness and its voluptuous character.

This delicious harmony gives Devoción all its character and offers us sensory associations of unprecedented complexity and refinement.

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